Mental Health


After a number of weeks spent in ‘lockdown’, it is completely understandable if you are beginning to find things challenging.

Looking after your physical and mental health is essential.

Here are our top 10 tips to help maintain good wellbeing and mental health at this difficult time:

1. Routine

Try and keep to some sort of routine throughout the week. We all love to lie in but getting up at a normal time will help you feel better and give you the rest of the day to enjoy and complete any tasks you may have.

2. Keep talking

It is difficult not being able to see friends and family however social media when used appropriately can be an extremely good way of keeping in touch with those you love! Always remember to #bekind

3. Exercise

There is a reason why the government allow exercise, this is because it is an excellent way to maintain good mental and physical health. This might be going for a walk, run, Joe Wicks workout, football in your garden and even TikTok dances!

4. Set yourself a project

Now is a great time to set yourself a challenge to achieve over time. It might be a DIY project, craft, reorganising your bedroom, doing things for others, gardening.

5. Sleep

A good nights sleep is critical in feeling well the next day. So put your phones away at a set time and aim to get 7hours minimum each night.

6. Healthy eating

Eating sensibly will help our body and minds to stay active and healthy. Remember to drink lots of water and try where possible to have a balanced diet.

7. Limit news content

Coronavirus news is everywhere! Often newspapers and the media can make us worry and become anxious. It is ok to stay in touch with what is going on from trustworthy sources but limit how much you do this!

8. Take time to relax

You have more time on your hands than you are used to. It is a perfect time to spend time with your family in your household, watch a movie, listen to music, read a book, draw or paint.

9. Keep your mind active

Doing a daily crossword, sudoku, quiz or your schoolwork are all examples of great ways to keep your mind active and engaged.

10. Do something for others

What better way to make ourselves feel good than by doing something to help others feel good! This could be helping with shopping, fundraising, writing a letter to those who a vulnerable.

Some helpful websites can be found below for both adults and children.

Online Mental Health and Wellbeing support.

Children Hub Hartlepool 01429 284284

Healthy choices
(includes free recipe’s which kids are able to help make)

Emotional wellbeing:
CAMHS Crisis contact number
0300 300 0099 (select option 1)

(Free, safe and anonymous online support for young people)

0800 1111


(Includes free resources for parents to use to explain Corona Virus to younger children)

Young Minds
0808 802 5544
Young people can also text ‘YM’ to 85258

Time to change

NSPC phone lines: (adults) 0808 800 5000  (child) 08001111